About us


About us

The Golden Chimp is built on a genuine love of dumplings and flavors from a range of Asian cuisines. It is a place where you can experience Japanese culture through food, drink, music and atmosphere. The concept is relaxed and comfy, while the menu focuses on the precise flavors of Asian cooking. The man behind it all is Jan Robin Ektvedt, known from Kokkelandslaget, Hitchhiker and Strand Restaurant. His goal is to change the dumpling game in Oslo and at the same time inspire the sharing of food.  He is backed by the boys from Lava Oslo. 


The Golden Chimp is a dim sum restaurant that wants to climb barriers. With a big craving for both Asian comfort food and precision, they experiment using local produce in a vast range of flavor combos - with both familiar and completely unique results. The menu mostly consists of dumplings in all shapes and sizes. In addition to this, you’ll find luscious and fresh vegetable-based dishes, sashimi and grilled yakitori as well as other snacks. The beverage menu is created to go hand in hand with the flavors of amongst others Japanese, Thai and regional Chinese cuisine. You will find a broad selection of sake and wine, as well as fresh and unpretentious beers to quench your thirst.

When you walk through the doors, you will be met by the atmosphere of a Japanese izakaya. You can have a seat at bar and order dishes from our bar menu or just grab a quick beer while you wait for your friends. Right around the corner from the bar you can spot a golden set of stairs which will lead you to the restaurant downstairs. The interior is based on our travels around the world, playfully drawing on aesthetic and clichés such as the crouching tiger, hidden dragon, waterfalls and a mix of real and rubber plants. It is our own green oasis in the middle of Tøyen, at Heimdalsgata 37.